Project information

  • Category: Website re-design and software integration
  • Client: Bromley Driving School
  • Project date: 20 September, 2022
  • Project URL:
  • Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP
  • Framework: Bootstrap5
  • logo for Bromley Driving School

Project overview

The owner of Bromley Driving School needed to update the company website as the previous website had several design problems and outdated content.

During the initial meeting to discuss how the website should look and feel and what it should deliver, the owner outlined some important requirements:

  • They were keen to draw upon colours, designs and images found in everyday traffic signs, learner badges and traffic lights.
  • The next consideration was to ensure the website was equally accessible on a smartphone, tablet and desktop/laptop PC.
  • Another requirement was to either develop or identify a suitable Driving School Management application that could record student information, allow students to book lessons based on each instructor's diary and could process payments.
  • Some of the images from the existing website and copy were reusable. Every image required optimising and delivered in multiple formats such as webp, jpg, png and SVG. New sections needed to adding, each requiring new images and copywriting. Each page should have a similar overall design and continuity.

Design, Development, Decisions and Deployment

The idea to draw inspiration from everyday motoring and driving-related objects, led us to the primary and secondary colour schemes; green and red. Both red and green are present on L-plates, P-plates and traffic lights. Traffic lights became the inspiration for the new logo that needed designing. The L and P plates motif became a part of the styling for headings across the site. Should the first letter of any word in a title begin with either a letter L or P, it got replaced with the L or P badge.

As most websites get viewed on phones rather than desktops, the site needed to be fully responsive and look equally good in any media. By demonstrating the Bootstrap framework, it was easy to show the owner that their website would be accessible on any size of device screen.

Research showed the scope of information required to develop a bespoke driving school database management application that complied with all regulations; would not be financially viable. A survey of similar businesses highlighted that most used a 3rd party app. We identified a few Software as a Service (SaaS) providers that could provide an off-the-shelf app designed and built with only driving schools in mind. They had the advantage of being tried and tested in commercial environments and fulfilled all the statutory requirements, diary booking, payments, lesson reminders, learning material and an accounting function. After evaluating the top 4 apps with the owner, the Total Drive app got picked and integrated into the website alongside IOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets.